1958 - 1978






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1958 - 1963



Under Thirteens:  B.Ashton, B.Mears, R.Raymond, R.Newland, B.Graham, T.Eccles, G.King, A.Cripps, M.Brett, R.Fentiman, C.Lewis, M.Lowe


Friendly matches only played





Under Fourteens:  M.Taylor, B.Mears, R.Raymond, R.Newland, B.Graham, T.Eccles, G.King, A.Cripps, R.Fentiman, A.Dalton, C.Lewis, R.Smith,

R.Anderson, M.Brett, R.Johnson, D.Clarke.


Team took over the record and fixtures of B.U.O.Y.S after they dropped out of the league having lost their opening six fixtures.



Under Fifteens:   M.Taylor, B.Mears, R.Raymond, R.Newland, B.Graham, T.Eccles, A.Dalton, C.Hewlett, R.Fentiman, C.Lewis, G.Yates, P.Cooper, D.Clarke


Team had to withdraw from S.W.Essex J.F.L. Division 1 mid season because of pitch problems.  Grounds were snowbound from New Years Eve until April.





Under Sixteens:  M.Taylor, B.Mears, R.Raymond, R.Newland, R.Fentiman, A.Cripps, A.Dalton, C.Hewlett, T.Eccles, R.Smith, G.Yates, C.Lewis,

A.Labrom, P.Cooper.


Friendly matches only played.



Under Fifteens:  A.Miller, K.Smith, R.Farmer, D.King, D.Porter, C.Sinclair, C.Wood, R.Batten, D.Swift, C.Roberts, P.Bailey, R.Bassett, R.Anderson, D.Finch, G.Crane


Beat Upminster 2-1 in Haines Memorial Cup Final.



Under Seventeens:  A.Miller, B.Mears, R.Raymond, R.Newland, R.Fentiman C.Jennings, C.Roberts, T.Jones, G.Crane, P.Cooper, R.Farmer,

R.Martin   (see Team Photos page)


Beat Newbury Park 1 - 0 in League Cup Final


Under Sixteen and a Half:   R.Martin, K.Smith,  D.Porter, R.Newland,  D.King,  P.Watts,  T.Jones,  C.Wood,  A.Hart , C.Moore,  G.Giles, M.Kearns, M.Stripling.


Under Sixteens:   A.Miller, G.Crane, B.Smith, I Horsey, G.Mengell, D.King, M.Brett, B.Chittock, W.Hadlow, C.Sinclair, D.Swift, M.Kearns, R.Martin, I.MacGregor, R.Farmer


Under Twelves:  I Jackson, C.Holbrook, A.Berriman, M.Watts, J.Miller, M.Bond, A.Hardwick, C.Dennant, H.Morgan, G.Arnott, C.Jones, J.Traish, D.Bootle.   (See Team Photos Page)

1963 - 67



Under Eighteens:  M.Rowley, B.Mears, R.Raymond, R.Williams, R.Chiswell,  D.Hannay, G.Kitteridge, M.Rabey, R.Fentiman, R.Anderson, P.Haase, C.Roberts, K.Goodwin, K.Foster


Under Sixteen and a half:    F.Pyke, J.Kavanagh, D.Porter, C.Arnott, D.Finch, K.Bentley, G.Dorrington, G.Jelley, D.Spencer, P.Selby, R.Bassett, J.Lawrence

Under Fifteens:   R.Winter, M.Pratt, R.Collingham, S.Cooke, J.Huntingford, P.Cason, J.Webb, D.Hall, P.Wallace, S.Wasmuth, A.Clarke, R.Haase, S.Spinks, M.Barham, G.Hanning. (See Team Photos Page)


Lost 0-4 to Newbury Park in Haines Memorial Cup Final

Under Fourteens:   R.Blowes, J.Miller, D.Phillips, A.Hare, P.Simmonds, P.Cason, D.Overy, S.Wasmuth, S.Fuller, A.Clarke, G.Arnott, M.Bassett, A.Long

Under Thirteens:  C.Ingram, J.Taylor, M.Watts, J.Miller, D.Phillips, J.Keates, B.Briggs, G.Arnott, A.Janes, P.Vickery, C.Dennant, P.Hart, R.Heard, M.Titheradge, W.Sutton, J.Neighbour, A.Clarkin, S.Kirby   (See Team Photos Page)


Lost to Newbury Park 0 - 1 in York Cup Final

Under Twelves:  M.Stanley, R.Peacock, M.Browne, T.White, T.Watts, T.Goodworth, R.Nugent, D.O'Neill, D.Stocker, G.Berryman, K.Colley, C.Jones, A.Gillan, S.Cantwell.


Lost 2 - 3 to Upminster in Smart Cup Final




Seniors:   M.Clark, B.Mears, R.Raymond, M.Pratt, C.Budd, D.Hannay, G.Kitteridge, M.Oxland, R.Fentiman, E.Allinson, A.Treagust, J.Treagust, B.Simpson, R.Wayman, R.Eldridge.


Seniors 'B' :     R.Anderson, C.Arnott, D.Porter, D.Clarke, D.Finch, M.Bakewell, J.Kavanagh, R.Swash, J.Prigg, A.Sizer, P.Selby, M.Bassett, F.Pyke.


Under Fifteens:    J.Taylor, W.Sutton, D.Phillips, B.Foster, G.Lamprell, P.Cason, S.Wasmuth, P.Wallace, C.Smith, S.Kirby, G.Bellew, T.Ryan

Under Fourteens:    C.Ingram, J.Miller, B.Biggs, W.Sutton, K.Lamey, G.Arnott, T.Ryan, D.Phillips, C.Rufus,  S.Kirby, P.Hutter, J.Neighbour, A.Clarkin.


Lost  0 - 1 to Mildmay in Covent Garden Cup Final

Under Thirteens:  P.Mills, D.Stinton, B.Gulliver, J.Black, D.Littlechild, P.Littlechild, A.Gillan, T.Crabb, R.Nugent, R.Bird, R. Wiles, C.Jones, D.Stocker, D.O'Neill.  (See Team Photos Page)


Drew  2 - 2 draw with Newbury Park in York Cup Final - cup shared


Under Twelves:    P.Niall, R.Peacock, E.Hoare, G.Berryman, S.Hadaway, E.Jacotine, G.Tomlin, E.Dunkley, W.Russell, L.Butler, D.Blyth, C.Pearl, K.Cross, P.Godfrey, M.Woolgar, M.Sutton, S.Russell, T.Patey, P.Harris.  (See Team Photos Page)


Won against Newbury Park 2 - 1 in Smart Cup Final


1965 - 66

Seniors:  M.Clark, R.Raymond, M.Pratt, R.Eldridge, K.Allen, D.Hannay, G.Kitteridge, E.Allinson, S.Bode, P.Cason, C.Bode, D.King, R.Crowther,

P.Jones, R.Fentiman, D.Orme.   (See Team Photos page)

TL25 LT26

Senior A Team:    M.Spellar,  C.Arnott, D.Davies, D.Porter, D.Clarke, D.Finch, R.Godfrey, P.Selby, P.Brewer, J.Prigg, F.Pyke, R.Swash ,R.Bassett, J.Howard


Under Sixteens:    C.Ingram,  D.Phillips,  B.Biggs,  B.Foster,  C.Preston,  P.Cason,  S.Wasmuth,  A.Clarke,  C.Rufus,  S.Kirby,  G.Arnott, J.Quilter  


Under Fourteens A :   P.Mills,  J.Black,  D.Stinton,  M.Browne,  A.Gillan,  D.Littlechild,  P.Littlechild,  B.Gulliver,  R.Wiles,  T.Crabb,  D.Stocker,  R.Bird,  C.Jones,  K.Colley.  


Under Fourteens B:   H.Campbell,  R.Davies,  J.Kately,  K.Donoghue,  P.Lawrence,  T.Spindler,  J.Harris,  T.Collins,  P.Glynn,  B.Goulding,  C.Charles,  P.French


Under Thirteen and a Halves A:    P.Niall,  L.Wilson,  R.Jones,  D.Bone,  R.Peacock,  S.Hadaway,  B.Batson,  B.Jackson,  P.Noke,  C.Haysman,  A.Palmer,  T.King,  P.Tilley,  B.Sceats.


Under Thirteen and a Halves B:   T.Leber,  J.Taplin,  S.Smith,  S.Walbey,  S.Griggs,  K.Newman,  T.Patey,  B.Cook,  R.Dow,  G.Hodge,  S.Wedge


Under Twelve and a Halves:   P. Godfrey,  B.Jones,  J.Overton,  T.Paige,  E.Dunkley,  G.Berryman,  D.Blyth,  E.Jacotine,  G.Tomlin,  L.Butler,  C.Pearl,  P.Bliss,  D.Barnett,  G.Dennis  (See Team Photo page)


Won against East Londom 2 - 1 in Regent Junior League Cup Final

1966 - 67


Senior Team:   R.Smith,  R.Raymond,  B.Russell, E.Allinson,  R.Eldridge,  P.Cason,  D.Heavin,  J.Butler,  P.Sunshine,  E.George,  A.Fox,  D.Hannay,  R.Fentiman,  A.Sanderson,  S.Wasmuth.  (See Team Photos page)


Lost to McGuffie 1 - 4 in League Cup Final

Under Sixteens Team:    C.Ingram,  D.Phillips,  B.Biggs,  C.Preston,  M.Titheradge,  J.Miller,  G.Arnott,  S.Kirby,  C.Rufus,  G.G;lassfield,  K.Lamey,  P.Hutter.



Under Fifteens A Team:    P.Mills,  J.Black,  D.Stinton,  M.Browne,  A.Gillan,  P.Littlechild,  D.Liitlechild,  R.Wiles,  T.Crabb,  B.Gulliver,  C.Jones,  K.Colley,  B.Hazle,  A.Hafford


Lost to Newham Sports in Intermediate Division Cup Final



Under Fifteens B Team:    H.Campbell, R.Davies,  J.Kately,  K.Donoghue,  P.Lawrence,  T.Spindler,  J.Harris,  T.Collins,  P.Glynn,  B.Goulding,  C.Charles,  P.French.

TL33 LT33

Under Fourteens A Team:   P.Godfrey,  P.Harris,  R.Peacock,  G.Berryman,  E.Jacotine,  D.Blyth,  B.Batson,  E.Dunkley,  L.Butler,  C.Pearl, G.Tomlin


Won against Rippleway in League Cup Final


Under Fourteens B Team:   G.Grant,  J.Taplin,  S.Smith,  S.Walbey,  S.Hadaway,  S.Griggs,  T.Patey,  K.Newman,   B.Sceats,  G.Hodge, S.Wedge

Under Twelve and a Half A team:   J.McSweeney,  K. Murphy,  Mason,  K.Bays,  J.Foley,  P.Bowler,  Wedge,  R. Milton,  Clayton,  White,  Kempton



Under Twelve and a Half B Team: G.Pratt,  K.Wells,  G.Scriven,  B.Ryder,  B.Batho,  R.Gramlick,  M.Gramlick,  C.Gregory,  A.Murphy,  J.Edwards,  G.Sceats,  S.Hanning,  P.Else




1967 -1973




Senior Team:  G.Ash,  D.Hammond,  R.Raymond,  E.Allinson,  R.Eldridge,  E.George,  A.Sanderson,  P.Perryman,  R.Fentiman,  B.Russell,  P.Rhone,  J.Butler,  R.Smith,  A.Fox,  P.Cason.   (See Team Photos page)

LT34 LT36

Under Sixteen and a Half  (Saturday) Team:  A.Hafford, C.Ingram, B.Hazle, I.Jackson, M.Titheradge, D.Littlechild,  R.Wiles,  P.Littlechild,  M.Watts,  B.Biggs, S.Kirby, G.Arnott,  A.Gillan.     (See team photo in press cutting on the "About Rangers" page)


Played only in the Essex County Andrews Cup.   Team comprised an amalgamation of the Under Sixteen and a half and Under Sixteen Sunday sides.


* Won the Andrews Cup beating Debden 3 - 2 in Cup Final. *


Under Sixteen and a Half (Sunday) Team:  C.Ingram,  B.Broadbridge, P.Crouch,  R.Salmon, M.Titheradge,  I.Jackson,  B.Biggs,  M.Watts,  D.Phillips,  J.MacCombe, S.Kirby, G.Arnott, G.Glassfield.


Under Sixteens Team:  A.Hafford,  J.Black, M.Browne,  D.Littlechild,  B.Hazle,  P.Littlechild,  A.Gillan,  B.Gulliver,  R.Wiles,,  D.Piercey,  R.Bird,  C.Jones,  D.Stinton


Won League Cup beating Newham Sports 3 - 2 in the final



Under Fifteens Team:   P.Godfrey,  J.Taplin,  G.Tomlin, E.Hoare,  K.Newman,  D.Lander,  W.Fairchild,  E.Dunkley,  R.Peacock,  E.Jacotine,,  L.Butler,  B.Batson,  D.Blyth, C.Pearl  (see Team Photos page)


Won League Cup by beating Topaz United 3 - 2 in final


Under Thirteens Team:    G.Hunt,  G.Pratt,  K.Wells,  G.Scriven,  B.Ryder,  B.Batho,  C.Gregory,  A.Murphy,  J.Edwards,  S.Sceats,  S.Hanning,  B.Forester,  P.Else


Team competed in Regent Junior Football League C Division finishing sixth.  No league table available.

Under Fourteens Team:   C.Howard,  S.Evans,  M.Gunn,  T.Paige,  J.McDonald,  D.Cook,  J.Bacchus,  B.Harris,  G.Crowe,  G.Dennis,  C.Pearl,  N.Tarten,   (See "About Rangers" page showing team photo in press cutting)


Won League Cup beating Fairburn House 6 - 3 in final





Senior Team:   R.Green,  R.Raymond,  D.Rainbow,  E.Allinson,  R.Eldridge,  P.Williams,  A.Fox,  P.Perryman,  R.Batten,  J.Goff,  B.Russell,  D.Boozie,  E.George,  J.Butler

Under Eighteens Team:   M.Watts,  R.Salmon,  G.Glassfield,  R.Broadbridge,  L.Butler,  C.Thompson,  P.Crouch,  G.Arnott,  T.McClellan,  C.Dennant,  I.Millar,  D.Phillips,  S.Kirby


Competed in Walthamstow Sunday Football League Senior Division, but withdrew before the end of the season.



Under Seventeen Team:    A.Hafford,  C.Ingram,  A.Gillan,  B.Hazle,  M.Browne,  T.Jenkins,  R.Wiles,  D.Littlechild,  D.Staines,  P.Littlechild,  B.Gulliver,  D.Hills


LT43 LT44

Under Sixteens Team:   P.Godfrey,  J.Collison,   C.Stapleton,  K.Newman,  C.Haysman,  W.Fairchild,  D.Lander,  S.Peck,  R.Dulieu,  J.Brickell,  B.Dennison,  M.Stocker,  D.Wilkins

Under Fifteens Team:   C.Howard,  B.Ryder, S.Evans, S.Humphries,  J.McDonald,  E.Nash,  B.Harris,  R.Brewer,  N.Tarten,  D.Cook,  G.Crowe,  G.Dennis,  C.Seddon


Under Fourteens Team:   M.Payne,  G.Scriven,  K.Wells,  A.Murphy,  G.Willson,  I.Kirby,  M.Slinn,  J.Edwards,  S.Heaseman,  S.Petchey,  S.Heaseman, B.Batho,  G.Pratt, P.Else,  B.Forrester


Under Twelves Team:  S.Welton,  S.Garnar,  J.Watts,  A.Warren,  G.Ferrari,  A.Manston,  A.Felstead,  I.McCormack,  J.Pitman,  B.Bragg,  K.Massett,  M.Cleaver,  D.Notley    (see press cutting on "About Rangers" page).


Won  Divisional Cup beating Sentab United 5 - 4 in the final



Saturday Senior Team:   R.Green,  S.Malowski,  D.Rainbow,  R.Raymond,  M.Lucuk, R.Eldridge,  C.Shead,  P.Williams,  E.George,  P.Rhone,  J.Martin,  J.Goff, A.Fox,  B.Russell,  P.Perryman,  J.Butler  (See Team Photos page)


Sunday Senior Team:   M.Green,  C.Arnott,  M.Leigh,  D.Clarke,  D.Finch,  A.Gillan,  M.Dignan,  G.Jelley,  L.Butler,  J.Butler,  S.Randolph,  R.Bassett


Under Eighteens Team:  P.Godfrey,  K.Newman,  J.Collison,  J.Kirtland,  E.Samuel,  C.Haysman,  P.Mortimer,  B.Hawkins,  M.Cox,  B.Sceats,  C.Stapleton,  P.Bender

Under Sixteens Team:     C.Howard,  S.Evans,  S.Humphreys,  E.Nash,  J.Brickell,  B.Harris,  J.Bacchus,  G.Crowe,  G.Dennis,  J.McDonald,  B.Ryder,  M.Gunn


Lost to Clapton Rangers 1 - 3 in Walthamstow SFL Intermediate Cup Final

LT51 LT53

Under Thirteens Team:  J.McSweeney,  S.Phillips,  J.Watts,  K.Bond,  J.Pitman,  G.Ferrari, A.Manston,  I.McCormack,  F.Crossley,  B.Bragg,  L.O'Gorman,  J.Devine,  M.Cleaver


Under Twelves Team:   S.West,  J.McCoombe,  D.Rodgers,  A.Felstead,  P.Shawyer,  A.Bristow,  A. Wedge,  G.Whitworth,  S.Titlow,  R.Sorrell,  A.Baugh,  P.Swain,  K.Massett,  D.Bloomfield


Won Walthamstow S.F.L. Junior Cup beating Fairbairn House 3 - 1  in the Final


1970 - 71

Saturday Senior Team:   R.Green,  E.George,  S.Makowski,  D.Rainbow,  M.Lucuk,  R.Eldridge,  P.Nicholls,  P.Rhone,  P.Williams,  J.Martin,  J.Goff,  J.Gunn,  A.Fox


Sunday Seniors Team:   M.Green, M.Dignan,  A.Gillan,  M.Leigh,  G.Jelley,  D.Finch,  R.Wiles,  L.Butler,  J.Butler,  D.Stocker,  R.Nugent,  S.Randolph,  R.Bassett.


Won in League Charity Cup  beating North London College 3 - 0 in final


Under Eighteens Team:   P.Godfrey,  J.Collison,  J.Kirtland,  C.Haysman,  K.Newman,  B.Hawkins,  P.Bender,  W.Legg,  P.Mortimer,  C.Stapleton,  M.Cox,  M.Samuel                                                (The last league match could not be played because no pitch was available.  Sharing the points with Goodall cost U'18's the chance of  winning the League.)


Won League Cup beating Senrab 2 - 1 in final.  

Under Sixteens Colts Team:   Brennan,  Tucker,  Scriven,  Hartnell,  Kroga,  Tingey,  Troullis,  Chaney,  Gill,  Murphy,  Tracey

Under Fourteens Team:   D.Baker,  L.O'Gorman,  J.Watts,  K.Maher,  G.Ferrari,  B.Esqulant,  A.Manston,  I.McCormack,  F.Crossley,  B.Bragg,  J.Pitman,  J.Devine,  J.McSweeney,  P.Turner


Under Thirteens Team:   S.West,  A.Felstead,  D.Rogers,  R.Sorrell,  J.McCombe,  A.Bristow,  P.Shawyer,  G.Whitworth,  K.Massett,  S.Titlow,  P.Swain,  A.Wedge,  A.Baugh.


1971 - 72

Saturday Seniors Team:  R.Green,  E.Shipp,  G.Ravenscroft,  P.Nicholls,  R.Eldridge,  T.Cannell,  B.Gunn,  J.Martin,  B.Russell,  A.Fox,  R.Rammage,  E.George,  M.Rees.

Sunday Seniors Team:  M.Green,  J.Kirtland,  A.Gillan,  D.Finch,  C.Jennings,  M.Leigh,  G.Jelley,  R.Nugent,  L.Butler,  B.Hawkins,  R.Bassett,  S.Randolph,  D.Stocker,  J.Butler,  D.Blyth,  L.Outram

Under Fifteens Team:   D.Baker,  K.Maher,  A.Warren,  J.Griffiths,  G.Ferrari,  J.Pitman,  I.McCormack,  D.Mitchell,  B.Bragg,  L.O'Gorman,  A.Manston,  D.Notley,  J.Devine.


Under Fourteens Team:   S.West,  K.Miller,  K.French,  D.Rogers,  J.McCombe,  P.Shawyer,  S.Titlow,  G.Whitworth,  K.Massett,  M.Ridge,  D.Coupland,  A.Baugh,  A.Cousins.


Under Thirteens Team:  L.Scriven,  R.Grubb,  T.Byrne,  C.Francis,  G.O'Sullivan,  K.Ryan,  P.Halliday,  M.Smith,  P.Brown,  M.Titmarsh,  B.Graham,  P.Swain,  T.Brandon



Under Sixteens Team:  D.Baker,  D.Bowden,  A.Warren,  J.Pitman,  G.Ferrari,  C.Theodorou,  F.Crossley,  I.McCormack,  L.O'Gorman,  B.Bragg,  S.Gallant,  G.Meader,  P.Knight,  A.Manston.

Under Thirteens Team:  K.Bradnum,  D.Bloor,  S.Dodsley,  M.Howell,  P.Taylor,  G.Drinkwater,  R.Harris,  G.Power,  G.Page,  G.Mason,  C.McCormack,  G.Iron

LT71 LT72

This last section of the Rangers' Teams page shows the Club's progress through the divisions of the Forest District Sunday Football League.  The side started life in the Walthamstow Sunday League Under Twelve Division.  It ended its youth football stage as runners up to Leytonstone in the WSFL Intermediate A Division  (who we later meet as New Forest United when they followed us up the Forest District League ladder).


The team won Division Six. We were promoted to Division Four where we won the League Cup (beating the division champions Heathcote in the final) and gained promotion from fourth place.  Division Three saw us go through the season with a 100% league record and scoring our one hundredth league goal of the season during a 5-0 win against Uplands Social on the last day.  We also won both the division cup and the Rosina King Cup. The team's only defeat was in the quarter final of the Walthamstow Sunday Cup.  We were holding the Premier Division champions Buxton Athletic  comfortably until the last quarter of an hour only to finally lose 3 - 0 in a game played at Low Hall Arena in front of in excess of 200 spectators


The following year saw us playing in Division One which we were leading for most of the season.   We eventually lost to our closest rivals Temperance United in a match played nearly a month after the end of the season and without several of our normal side.  But promotion was secured to the Premier Division as we finished in the runners up position.


The records of the club's final phase are very incomplete.  They only show league tables for 73-74 and 74-75 seasons.  Even the records for the composition of the team for seasons 76-77 and 77-78 are hazy.   If any team members from those last three seasons can help with league tables and/or team memberships, their recollections would very much valued.  Thank you to Roy Fentiman and Garry Meader for filling in some of the gaps already.

Rangers Team:  T.Jenkins,  D.Baker,  D.Bowden,  A.Warren,  R.Crossley,  G.Ferrari,  R.Fentiman,  B.Hardy,  L.O'Gorman,  S.Hadaway,  G.Meader,  C.Theodorou,  A.Manston.


Lost in League Cup 0 - 4 to Greenslade in the final


Lost in Sturgess Cup Final 0 - 1 in the final, again to Greenslade.


Rangers Team:   T.Jenkins,  D.Bowden,  B.Hardy,  A.Warren,  G.Ferrari,  R.Fentiman,  G.Meader,  C.Theodorou,  L.O'Gorman,  S.Magill,  W.Russell,  F.Crossley,  A.Manston  (See Team Photos page)


Beat Heathcote 5 - 1 to win the League  Cup


Promoted to Division 3 along with Interpost and Dean after Heathcote were expelled from the League at the end of the season.


Rangers Team:   L.Dyer,  D.Bowden,  B.Hardy,  L.O'Gorman,  G.Meader,  R.Crossley,  G.Ferrari,  R.Fentiman,  C.Theodorou,  S.Magill,  A. Manston,  K.Sinfield,  F.Crossley,  B.Bragg    


Won Forest District Sunday League Division 3

Won League Cup beating Oak Hill United 2 - 0 in final

Won Rosina King Cup beating New Forest United 2 - 1 in final

Promoted to District Sunday League Division 1


No League Table available

Rangers Team:  L.Dyer,  D.Bowden,  A.Warren,  B.Hardy,  G.Meader,  R.Fentiman,  S.Garner,  S.Magill,  F.Crossley,  

B.Bragg,  A.Manston,  R.Jansen,  P.Hill, C.Theodorou, P.Jennings


Runners Up to Temperance United in Forest District Sunday League Divsion 1, promoted to Premier Division


No League Table available

Rangers Team:  L.Dyer,  D.Bowden,  B.Hardy,  A.Jelliffe,  P.Robinson,  F.Crossley,  B.Bragg,  G.Meader,  S.Magill,   R.Jansen,  P.Hill,  A.Manston,  K.Foggo,  P.Williams,  P.Nicholls,  D.Notley


Played in Forest District Sunday League Premier Division.   No League table or details available





Under Eighteens Team:    J.Taylor,  G.Lamprell,  G.Bellew, P.Wallace,  P.Cason,  C.Thompson,  S.Wasmuth,  B.Foster,  C.Smith,  S.Fuller,  A.Clarke.


Under Thirteen and a Half Team:    L.Wilson,  R.Jones,  J.Overton,  B.Jones,  P.Bliss,  T.Paige,  D.Barnett,  E.Nash,  G.Dennis,  R.Milton,  A.Palmer,  R.Brewer,  S.Evans

Lost in League Cup Final 0 - 6 to Beaumont

LT2 LT61

1973 - 78

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